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Amy Auge
Kurma Life
| London, UK

“I sought advice from Julieta at a time when my business was just beginning and I was trying to form a strong brand message but was overwhelmed with all the different ideas I wanted to incorporate. I needed a fresh perspective from someone else and Julieta was perfect. She is so knowledgeable in the field, and so open and friendly in her manner, that it was a pleasure to work with her. She understood exactly what it was I was trying to achieve and helped me simplify and clarify my vision for Kurma.  With her help, I was able to really focus on what the key messages of my brand are. Following our meeting I have a clear idea of what I need to do next to get my business to the next step and she has given me the tools to achieve that. I plan to meet with her at crucial points along the development of my business.  She is incredibly genuine and authentic, but also not afraid to tell the truth which is vital when starting a business. I would highly recommend Julieta as a consultant for any stage of business growth.”

Ana Ottone
House of Alchemy & House of Life
| Buenos Aires, AR.

“When you connect with authenticity, the service received is perfect. It may take thousands of forms, but since the base is the truth, the result will always be fair and necessary for the other. In this sense, Julieta flows with generosity and authenticity, allowing her to respond with flexibility and efficiency. Her professionalism combined with her values creates a combination that is demonstrated in her services: They are reliable and make you feel self-sustained. Her commitment is to remain loyal to herself, and this loyalty is transmitted into all she delivers. She helps to empower any entrepreneur, in a real and convincing manner, to be able to sustain themselves and move forward with confidence.”

Lillian Bertz
Catch Joy
| Califormia, US.

“I had a lovely Skype session this morning with Julieta as a mentor. She is friendly, upbeat & has a wealth of knowledge. I found her advice and insight about social enterprises to be very helpful and inspiring. She gives many detailed examples when explaining and can fit a lot of information into one hour. She really helped me understand the logistics of small-scale importing with artisans and lightened the fear and confusion. I will definitely be booking another Skype session with her in the future when I have a more developed business account on Instagram!”

Karina & Karla Arteaga
| Milton Keynes, UK

“The Curious Beatle facilitated our business consultancy project kickoff. They walked us patiently through their startup experience and recommended us a practical path to follow. When being in the corporate world for a long time, one tends to pick up projects at a large scale, so stepping back and thinking of our small business from its inception steps was a challenge. The Curious Beetle made a great contribution on overcoming it. Thank you for giving us that little shake and push we all need to get started!”

Christina Dreesen
| Frankfurt. DE

“Julieta’s extensive marketing background and her willingness to support others looking to set up a sustainable and socially responsible business have been a great inspiration and motivation for me. She is positive and encouraging and clearly speaks from many years of experience. I am very grateful for her advice.”

Kelly Gate
Intrinsic Flair
| Sausalito, California, US

“I am so glad I found Julieta when I first started my business, Intrinsic Flair. Julieta really helped me fine tune my mission statement which incorporated my personality, the things I care about and what I really believe in. This really set the foundation for going forward with my business. Additionally, Julieta has been so supportive and so accessible. She really cares about what she does for a living. I highly recommend Julieta if you are thinking about starting a shop!”

Nayeli Amezcua
| Cabo Santo | México DF, MX

“Working with Julieta and Alejandra was very useful for me to be able to start my brand project. Because when one is starting out as an entrepreneur the truth is, not only do you have many doubts and nerves, but you also do not know where to start. The guidance that I received from them was excellent, complete and, above all, it helped me to understand the first steps that come with the adventure of this new project, and got me excited to keep going forward with it. Thank you ladies!“

Paola Bertrán & Alex Rodríguez
Advertising freelancers – Digital nomads
| México DF, MX

“My husband and I have been traveling for a year and a half, working as freelancers and thinking about starting a business online.  We had a coaching session with Julieta that helped us get a wide vision of what it would involve to get in business with local artisans, who create ethnic textiles and decorations. She gave us a lot of information to consider before starting and a panorama of how we should approach this entrepreneurship.”

Tina Hedin
Blue Highways Trading Company
| California, USA

“As a long-time admirer of the Design Junkie brand, I was excited to have the opportunity to talk with Julieta! During our hour-long one-on-one mentoring call, she guided me through the process of thinking about my business in a new way, defining the direction of my brand and zeroing in on the purpose that will drive my business going forward. We went over my list of questions and she answered them and pointed out areas to work on that I had not even thought of. I have always hoped to develop my business into one that involves travel and working directly with artisans, but needed some help to clarify my next steps. I am happy to say that I will be traveling to Mexico this month, a trip that is a result of the direction and motivation I took away from my mentoring session with Julieta.”

Marziyeh Eslamparasti and Fatemeh Ghafourian
| Iran

“It was our first experience to talk with Julieta and actually, it was one of the best. Since she is experienced in this field and has touched on every issue in the textile business, she was able to guide us with useful information. All in all, we do not see this conversation just as a one-hour consultancy but also as a long-term connection between our business and hers.”

Inhara Ortiz Toledo
| London, UK

“As a start up business, it was very important to understand and have a good sense of direction as a brand. The brand positioning exercise that I did with Julieta enabled me to visualise where AMATE was and where I wanted it to be. It also gave me the tools to understand the context of the industry, and work towards building the brand I envisioned.”

Maryló Iriarte
El Costurero de Maryló
| Santiago de Chile, CL

“Positioning on social media is setting the tone today among entrepreneurs and it is important to learn how to relate to your public. In this sense, Julieta’s advice really helped me to focus on my public; how to captivate them with a corporate image and a message that reflects the spirit and fundamentals of our business. It was a very useful and practical call.”

Florence de Montfort
| Lucerne, CH

“I have asked for support from Julieta to help me with the brand positioning of Buyion. She quickly understood the brand spirit I wanted to create and was able to articulate clear values [that] I need to always keep in mind when making decisions for my business. The work she put together is a great starting point for making sure our brand values are easily understood by our customers.”

Amira Plascencia
| Houston, Texas, US

“The Curious Beetle’s advice has been beneficial to select the product portfolio according to a specific image. Their in-depth analysis has helped us map our Brand positioning. Thanks!”

Samantha Quattrone
Solo Buenas Vibras
| Antigua, GT

“I found Julieta at a time when I was setting course to launch my own fashion brand in Guatemala. Her expertise in guiding my social presence through tips on brand alignment, photography and even narrative, that would really add to my online social and Instagram presence, was a true asset to building the company I have today. Julieta’s experience in marketing and her passion for what she does is reflected in her own brand Design Junkie, and in her work with clients. She continues to be a great supporter of my brand and someone I would turn to for advice and guidance. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a strong and experienced voice to guide you through building your social presence and/or brand.”

Silvia Bordin
Professional photographer
| London, UK

“I’ve been attending Julieta’s talks in London at The Impact Hub, it’s been such an enjoyable experience! She was very accurate in describing how she went from working nine-to-five to setting up her own business. Also, a very approachable person.”

Eugenia Aragón
Zenda nueva – Vegan Food
| Buenos Aires, AR

“I met Alejandra last year in the ENDEAVOR Experience BsAs. Although I was a bit lost due to the amount of information I was trying to absorb, I was impressed by the passion she put into her presentation. The desire that she transmitted to me, the passion for what she does, her love to help and give services is what made me value the day. I have a small vegan food company “Zenda Nueva” and Alejandra clarified me many concepts of product launches and marketing that I found extremely useful.”