What will transcend your brand?
There are multiple answers about where to direct your business. To be successful, to have a high profitability, to be scalable, to achieve public recognition, etc. Although all businesses seek profitability as a result, which is logical because that is why we create them, what will help you transcend is to find the brand purpose. Why does your brand exist? In other words, what are the ideals, the cause that mobilises your brand and the values that represent it? This will be the way you reach the heart of your audience. To differentiate yourself and gain relevance in your sector, you have to be authentic and the best way to achieve this is to satisfy a personal purpose that allows you to achieve your own happiness, not because of the money itself but how your contribution will allow finding a solution to the problems the world and society. And so, you can communicate and get closer to your audience naturally through emotions.

We know that entrepreneurs face many problems and frustrations when they walk the path of creating or growing their businesses. That is why many of them may think that it is irrelevant to work to become a brand that has a purpose.

Think of brand purpose as a guiding star on the horizon that keeps you going in the right direction and inspires the way forward.

There is often a misconception that businesses must choose between being driven by purpose or driven by profit. This belief is very out of date. Research shows that purpose drives profits, and that consumers reward brands they believe are aligned with value.

Brands targeted by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

In the world there are a multitude of significant challenges facing both the planet and the people who inhabit it. The consumption of natural resources is occurring at a dizzying rate while extreme and unusual weather events are negatively affecting vulnerable communities around the world.

The United Nations has established 17 Sustainable Development Goals with the mission of achieving them by 2030. It will rely on governments, companies, NGOs and individuals to achieve and carry out its ambitions.

As a brand, we recommend that you focus and connect on the goal that resonates with you the most. Pick a goal relevant to you and your brand and work towards that. Entrepreneurship involves responsibility, hard work, and even sacrifice; But there is also room to make a positive impact on the world and take great pride in doing good, while enjoying the process.

People need brands that educate them about the problems in the world, with the role of communicating the realities we face and explaining the consequences for everyone. Those who make the purchase decision are choosing more and more brands with positive impact because in this way they also help to solve the world’s challenges, making them feel part of the solution. They feel like small fish in a big ocean. They need determined brands to make their mark on their lives.

The reputation of companies will be associated with their good works and their commitment to caring for the planet, giving tools to their public.

The generation of Millennials will be the most important group among the workforce from the year 2025. They are the leaders of the future, born between the 80s and the 90s, and are currently part of the work teams, in which they coexist with other generations. According to the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey, launched in late April 2020, the pandemic reinforced their desire to help drive positive change in their communities and around the world.
And they continue to push for a world in which businesses and governments reflect that same commitment to society, putting people ahead of profit and prioritising environmental sustainability, diversity, inclusion and income equality.
What is the impact about?

Social impact is positively influencing people in their communities. It can be generating work, empowering women, reducing the gender gap, bringing universal accessibility to all areas, facilitating access to education, health, water and food, among many others.

Environmental impact is the effect that a brand has on the planet, either by supporting environmental causes, finding a way to reuse waste, using resources that come from recycling, or ensuring that its production is clean and green.

The economic impact is the benefit that a brand obtains to maintain itself and continue generating environmental and social impact.

The triple impact requires profitable businesses because the more economic growth, the greater the size of the environmental and social impact.

The 10 benefits of creating a brand with purpose
Our Brands heroes
In a world where we face daily challenges and uncertainties for people and our planet, purpose-driven brands and the consumers who support and embrace them are the current and future heroes of our history.

Oriented towards the planet and people, they have existed for decades, making a difference in their local communities, and turning it around in search of sustainability. Many of them inspire us with social or environmental objectives from their business model, while others have integrated it into their brands to deliver a future good.

The purpose of the brand is not…

– A marketing tactic or communication campaign

– It is not philanthropy

– It is not a tool for employee engagement

We have developed this eBook as an easy and practical guide to create, understand and define the purpose of your brand with tools and techniques to focus and drive a triple impact business. In other words, a business that is not only profitable, but also leaves a positive footprint by taking a more sustainable path.

The first thing you will find in the eBook, which you can now purchase in Spanish or English, is the importance of identifying where your business is today and then moving forward.

This eBook will help entrepreneurs who have a business idea but have not launched their brand. And also, to those who already have a business running, but who want to put purpose at the heart of their business.


– The world, its challenges, and how your brand can contribute to change

– What it means to be a brand with purpose

– Benefits of being a brand with purpose

– The importance of establishing a brand purpose today, and for the future

– The practical steps to find your brand purpose, and several examples to inspire your creativity.

– A checklist to validate that you have a great brand purpose that will win over your consumers

– The importance of making alliances and collaborations

– What measurement and accreditation should you consider for your business?

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Encuentra el equilibrio entre el propósito y la ganancia que genere tu negocio

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Do you want
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By downloading this eBook, you are automatically subscribing to The Curious Beetle newsletter containing: our latest blog posts with tips, tools and trends, upcoming workshops and the latest sustainability news.