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We make sustainable development a reality

We help companies implement sustainability practices that contribute to the triple impact (economic-social-environmental).

As B consultants and triple-impact mentors, we identify and prioritize actions that ensure long-term commitment.

There are effective strategies to implement and integrate sustainability into the business model.

Our services in sustainability

We consider the most sustainable real possibilities for companies. Not all strategies are the same and suitable for all companies. That is why our service in sustainable development is personalized and tailor-made.

In addition to being a social responsibility, sustainable development also offers concrete business benefits.

Benefits of having a Sustainability Strategy

More and more companies are taking a leadership role in making the planet more sustainable, safer, fairer and healthier. Will you join them?


Companies that seek to implement sustainability in their businesses, while they may vary in size, sector and geographic location, share a clear vision.

Sustainability is essential to the future success of their business; and their values are responsibility, innovation, participation, commitment, respect and transparency.

If your company shares these values and is looking to minimize its economic activity’s environmental and social impact, these services will turn your challenges into opportunities.


We propose a customized service for organizations that want to highlight their commitment to triple positive impact. To build tomorrow, you have to start TODAY.
Heidi Szocs
B Leader – Sustainability
Since 2018, Heidi has been dedicated 100% to accelerating the process of Certifying B Corporations. She has helped over 10 companies in their Assessment and B Certification process, as well as in the development of their Sustainability plans.

1 – Assessment of the company’s current situation in terms of sustainability.

What is included?

  • Empathy phase: Getting to know the organization.
  • Initial Impact Assessment with System B tool that helps measure, manage and identify how to improve the company’s positive impact performance; receiving a score.
  • Diagnosis of areas for improvement in the environment, communities, customers, employees and governance.


  • Measure the company’s positive triple impact using the B Assessment tool.
  • Establish the real possibilities of certification as a B Corp.
  • Prepare a situation report and recommendations tailored to the company.


Between 1 and 2 months, depending on the size and complexity of the company.


  • Personalized support in the completion of the B Assessment with 2 video calls per week.
  • Analysis and interpretation of the questions.
  • Capture of real and potential short-term impacts in the answers.
  • Development of impact business models that could emerge in the process, for accreditation and certification.
  • Definition of the necessary documents to prepare.
  • Proposal of improvement actions according to the company’s profile, business model, and need for advances in sustainable actions.


  • Access to the complete assessment in downloadable format.
  • Report with situation report and recommendations tailored to the company.

2 – Advice and accompaniment in the process of certification as a B Company.

What is included?

  • Diagnosis of the current situation of the company in relation to sustainability.
  • B Corp certification or B recertification process: Development of an impact improvement plan that allows the company to achieve the certification by reaching or exceeding the required 80 points.


  • Accredit all the evidence of the company’s actions in the assessment tool.
  • Respond to the instructions provided by B LAB.
  • Obtain the B Corp certified seal.


9 months (depending on B LAB’s availability)


  • Complete the B Impact Assessment 100%.
  • Support in the preparation of documents that accredit the practices.
  • Assignment of an Auditor from B Lab.
  • Start of EVALUATION and VERIFICATION (control of all the accredited documentation by B Lab).
  • Accompaniment in calls with the assigned auditor and follow-up of the feedback and requirements that the B Lab team will provide from the platform.
  • Making adjustments to the auditor’s demand (Second delivery of documents if necessary).
  • Obtaining the B Corp certification.
  • Signing the Terms & Conditions Sheet.
  • Welcome B Corp Certified Company.
  • Once the Certification is obtained, the company will pay the annual certification fee to B LAB according to the billing range.

IMPORTANT: The B Corp certification has a validity of 3 years and then it must be recertified. The certification fee is paid annually, B Corp takes care of the process.

3 – Sustainability reports design

What is included?

  • Creation of reports under recognized international standards to be defined jointly with the company (Impact Assessment B, GRI Standards, Global Compact SDGs, etc.).
  • Dissemination of triple impact metrics and evolutionary results, positioning the company competitively before its stakeholders and the general public.

4 – Carbon footprint measurement and proposals for a comprehensive approach to the result.

What is included?

  • Definition of the carbon footprint measurement tool adapted to the needs of the business.
  • Definition of proposals for mitigation, reduction and compensation of the result.

5 – Sustainability strategies and action plans.

What is included?

  • Diagnosis of the current situation of the company in relation to sustainability.
  • Design of the sustainability strategy (economic, social and environmental) and definition of the action plan where we outline activities and guidelines according to the characteristics of the organization.

Sustainability form

What do our clients say about our services?

Reyna oleas

Montemar Eco Luxury Villas
Galápagos – Ecuador

I met The Curious Beatle by a twist of fate, and it was a great gift! Julieta has a keen eye for communication, and without even knowing each other, she performed a surgical diagnosis of our company’s communication. And not only that, but she also helped us identify a certification that allows us to communicate our strengths systematically. Working with Julieta, Alejandra, and Heidi has been a pleasure. Their ability to empathize and simplify complex topics, combined with their professionalism and creativity, are undoubtedly factors that will make us hire their services many more times.

For each purchase you make to The Curious Beetle we donate meals to children in need in Argentina.