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With this service we donate 2% of our turnover to Haciendo Camino Foundation.

Are you looking to boost your business with the development of a professional, eye-catching, and 100% responsive Wordpress website? You have come to the right place.

There are several key aspects to consider when developing a website to make it successful: its visual appeal, flawless functionality, user interactivity, easy and intuitive navigation, providing quality content, incorporating conversion-focused calls to action, and above all, ensuring security.

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We have designed 4 types of services to develop your user-focused website.
Whether you need to create it from scratch or enhance an existing one, we’ve got you covered.
These are standardized packages, but if you prefer a custom order, you can book a video call with Paulo,
and we will provide you with a tailored proposal for your specific requirements.


  • You will achieve a customized website or landing pages tailored to your communication needs.
  • You will gain greater visibility for your brand, resulting in increased sales.
  • You will enhance your brand credibility.
  • You will provide potential customers with easy access to information about your business.
  • You will improve communication with your clients.
  • You will be able to gather key statistics about the visitors to your website, helping you make more informed decisions.

This service is for a wide variety of clients and organizations looking to create or enhance their online presence.

Here are some of the key aspects included in our website development process:

  • Initial meeting and requirements analysis: Understanding client’s needs and objectives for the website.
  • Design and planning: Creating a visual structure and layout considering brand identity and user experience.
  • Development: Building the website with modern technologies and integrating functionalities.
  • Content: Incorporating client-provided content.
  • Responsiveness and mobile adaptability: Ensuring the website is fully responsive for various devices.
  • Testing and quality control: Comprehensive testing before the website’s launch.
  • Website launch: Officially making the site available online.
  • Training and support: Providing client training for content management.
  • Security and maintenance: Implementing measures for site protection.


It is calculated considering the total delivery of material, access, brief, content, photos/videos, and the agreed-upon delivery date according to the chosen plan.


1. Once the service purchase is made, The Curious Beetle will send a form (website development brief template) to be completed by the client to learn more about their business, objectives, expectations, and challenges.

2. Upon receiving the completed template with responses, if necessary, clarification questions may be requested via email or video call.

3. The website design and development process will be initiated.

4. We will send emails with progress updates or schedule video calls to present the progress.

5. Rounds of adjustments will be made based on the purchased service.

6. Final delivery will be made according to the dates defined in the purchased service.


– Complete the brief template provided by The Curious Beetle.
– Share the domain and hosting details of the website (access credentials).
– Provide access to the WordPress administration panel.
– Submit the content in an organized manner: texts and images per section, links to social media accounts (if linking is required, access to the accounts may be requested).

Paulo Gonzalez
Web developer
“I studied Graphic Design and Advertising, but since the beginning of my professional career 20 years ago, I have been dedicated to Web and Multimedia Design. I continue to educate myself to this day because I believe in the importance of learning and staying updated. Additionally, I have been part of Marketing and Advertising agencies.”

Schedule a call with me to clarify any doubts and explain the working methodology we will undertake together.


How can I ensure that my website is visible on search engines?
Visibility on search engines is a crucial aspect for the success of a website. These 4 services we offer do not include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work. If you desire this type of service, we can provide a customized quote for it.
Who is responsible for generating the texts, photos, and videos for the website?
The client is responsible for providing the web developer with all the texts, photos, and videos to be included on the website. If support is needed in these matters, The Curious Beetle can provide a customized quote for the project.
What type of support and maintenance is offered after the website's launch?
After the launch of your website, we offer various support and maintenance options to ensure that your site functions optimally and stays up-to-date at all times. If you are interested in these services, we can provide a customized quote for: technical maintenance and backups, ongoing support, content updates (product or service information updates, blog creation, or visual design modifications), and statistical analysis.
¿Can you develop my website sustainably?
Yes, we can do it. If you are interested in this type of work, we can provide a customized quote for it.
Can you issue an invoice for the service purchase?
Yes, once you receive the email with the confirmation of your purchase, you can download the invoice from there directly.



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