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It’s not an easy task to find someone who can create a logo for your brand that truly identifies you.

Visual brand identity is the construction of different graphic and visual elements, including the creation of a logo, that express harmoniously the essence, personality and individuality of a brand.

The image and identity of your brand must achieve a balanced combination between attracting your public and transmitting exactly what you want.

It will be the key to differentiate your brand and achieve the success of your business.

We’ll create a brand logo that’ll catch all eyes, and we’ll define your image style and brand identity to transmit your essence and captivate your potential clients.

*By purchasing you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

For entrepreneurs that are just starting and wish to create a unique, original, easily-recognisable brand logo that will make their potential customers fall in love.

Also for businesses that, although have already designed their logo and visual brand identity, consider there is a chance to improve and evolve by redesigning the graphic elements, image and identity of their brand to communicate their concept to their objective public in a better way.

A Logo & Visual Brand Identity Kit will be created in a digital, editable version (Adobe Illustrator or Canva) that will include:

  • A (1) Brand Logo Design;
  • A (1) Brand Colour Palette up to 7 colours;
  • A (1) Font Palette up to 3 font families for your texts

Between thirty (30) and forty-five (45) days of work for all the process, since the complete form is received from the client.

1. Once the purchase of the service is made, The Curious Beetle will send a Logo & Visual Brand Identity Form that needs to be filled in by the client.

2. After receiving the Form with the answers, if necessary, the client will be asked to clarify doubts by email or video call.

3. The creative design process will begin.

4. Our first proposal will be presented within ten (10) business days in a PDF document, so the client can give his/her feedback, with:
– Four (4) different creative pathways for logo proposals; where the client will choose two (2) logo options for us to re-work on.
– Two (2) Font Palette options, up to three (3) fonts each; for the client to choose one (1).
– Two (2) Colour Palette options, up to seven (7) colours each; for the client to choose one (1).

5. In our second proposal a new PDF document will be presented with the Visual Brand Identity options, based on the creative pathway selected by the client and the input from the first feedback. The client will provide a second feedback over this PDF document to continue the creative process.

6. The Curious Beetle will present a final PDF document to the client with the requested adjustments from the second feedback, to select:

  • 1 A (1) final Brand Logo
  • A (1) Font Palette
  • A (1) Colour Palette

In this instance, a third and final feedback will be received from the client.

7. Once the whole Logo & Visual Brand Identity Kit is approved, The Curious Beetle will deliver through WeTransfer:
– A digital (PDF) Brand Manual as a summary of the visual identity.
– An editable Adobe Illustrator file and, if requested, the imported elements in Canva.

Complete the Form you will receive once the payment is made and send it to The Curious Beetle. It includes:
– Aspects linked to the background of the business.
– Aspects linked to the name of the brand.
– Logo, font and colour palette inspirations you would like to share with us, to consider for the creative process.


Can you create the name for my brand?
We recommend that you first try this process on your own. You can get our eBook “How to Choose a Name for Your Purpose-Driven Brand”, where you will learn our methodology to create a brand name. If in spite of this, you still can’t get the right name for your brand, you can contact us to hello@thecuriousbeetle.com and we will send you our pricing for that work.
In which format will I receive the design?
It will depend on what the client requires. If he/she is familiar with Adobe Illustrator or if he/she prefers the imported files in Canva. Adobe Illustrator: A WeTransfer link will be sent with the editable file, plus the loose files in PNG. Canva: A Canva file link will be shared with the logo, its variations, fonts and colour palette.
Can I add extra feedback rounds?
Yes, you can. However, it has an additional cost.
Can I request the design for Instagram Post Templates?
Yes, you can. However, it has an additional cost. Send us an email requesting what you need and we will send you our pricing,
Will you provide support while I am implementing the Visual Identity Design?
If you wish to validate your work in progress with us, you can hire an 1-Hour, Intensive Mentoring 1:1 Session. We would love to know about your progress and give you our feedback.



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