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Your Instagram gallery is the face of your brand. It’s the first thing people see before they decide to follow you, and buy from you.

How to capture the attention of your potential clients between thousands of Posts?

A graphic design for Instagram created with time and dedication can be valuable for you, but it won’t have the necessary strength to attract clients.

Counting with a Visual Identity Design in sync with the latest trends and betting for the long run will give you the calm you need to create your content in a simple, quick and effective way.

We’ll create your Graphic Design for Instagram, not only to make your account unique and position it in a better way, but for it to be recognized at a glance, helping your clients make their purchasing decision.

*By purchasing you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

For people and/or brands that want to highlight their designs for Instagram Posts, and in that way position themselves in a successful way with an original, easily-recognisable style of their own that will make their community fall in love.


  1. Brand Kit: It’s a document that gathers the graphic elements of the brand. Fonts, colour palette and creative elements
  • One (1) Font Palette that includes one (1) font for titles, one (1) font for texts and one (1) font for highlighting keywords.
  • One (1) Colour Palette composed of up to seven (7) colours.
  • One (1) Creative Line for graphic elements, such as icons, textures, shapes and compositions.

2.Editable Instagram Templates:We will hand in the editable files on Adobe Illustrator or Canva. (To be defined with the client)

  • Nine (9) editable Post Templates for your Instagram gallery. (Format to be defined with the client, whether it’s 1080 x 1080 px or 1080 x 1350 px)
  • One (1) Carrousel Template with a 10-Slide continuous design. (Format to be defined with the client, whether it’s 1080 x 1080 px or 1080 x 1350 px)
  • Three (3) Reel Cover Templates. (1080 x 1920 px)
  • Three (3) Story Templates. (1080 x 1920 px)

Four (4) weeks after the client presents the answers to the Form that we’ll send by email.


1. Once the purchase of the service is made, The Curious Beetle will send the Instagram Visual Identiyt Form that needs to be filled in by the client.

2. After The Curious Beetle receives the Form with the answers, if necessary, the client may be asked to clarify doubts by email or video call.

3. The creative design process for Instagram will begin. This may take up to ten (10) business days.

4. The Curious Beetle will present a PDF document with:

  • Two (2) Colour Palette options
  • Two (2) Font options
  • Two (2) Creative Lines (Icons, textures and shapes) in a gallery of six (6) Post Templates

In this instance the client should choose one (1) of each of the presented proposals and give his/her feedback over the selected line. This will be considered as the first feedback round.

5. In the second round, The Curious Beetle will present a new PDF document with nine (9) Post Templates for Instagram, designed on the basis of the Creative Line selected by the client and considering the input of the first feedback round. Once the design is analysed by the client, a second round of feedback will begin.

6. The Curious Beetle will present the nine (9) final Templates for Instagram, considering the second round of feedback from the client. Then, a (1) Post Template should be selected to design a (1) 10-Slide Carrousel (Does not include photography or text). Also, three (3) Post Templates should be selected to design the Story Templates, and three (3) Post Templates should be selected to design the Reel Cover Templates.

7. Once all the graphic pieces are finished, a third and final round of feedback will be carried out. If necessary, there may be a last instance of minimum design adjustments.

8. The Curious Beetle will send a Summary in a PDF document and the editable file in Adobe Illustrator or Canva. (To be defined by the client)


Complete the Form sent by The Curious Beetle via email that includes, among other things: Colour Palette inspiration, Instagram Post inspiration, and precise specifications of the content of the 9 Post Templates.

Themes, texts and/or images will be requested for each one of the 9 Posts.


In what format will I receive the designs?
It will depend on what the client requests. Whether he/she is familiar with Adobe Illustrator or if he/she prefers the imported files directly on a Canva link. Illustrator: A WeTransfer link is sent with the editable file. Canva: A link is sent with the graphic elements, fonts and colours imported into a Canva file.
Can I add extra feedback rounds?
Yes, but with an additional cost.
Can I request extra Posts or Highlighted Story Covers?
Yes, you can. It has an additional cost that will depend on the requested job.
Can you issue an invoice for the purchase of the service?
Yes, you can download it from the email you will receive for the confirmation of your purchase.
Will you provide support while I’m implementing the visual identity?
If you wish to validate your work in progress with us, you can hire a 1-Hour, Intensive 1:1 Mentoring Session. We would love to know about your progress and give you our feedback.



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