By hiring this service, we’ll donate 4 meals to children in need from Argentina.

If the time and effort you’re spending in your brand’s Instagram account is not paying off, the moment has come to trust professional hands to power your growth and boost your sales.

An Instagram Audit for your account is a breath of fresh air that will ease your tensions.
We’ll tell you, clearly and straightforwardly, the things you have to improve to make your community and interaction grow.

You’ll receive a written report in which we’ll evaluate…

  • – The main aspects to optimise in your content by formats
  • – Your graphic design for Instagram
  • – The texts that accompany your Posts in the Captions
  • – Hashtags
  • – Biography
  • – Highlighted Stories

You’ll get a clear idea of your next steps to stop making the same mistakes and position your brand in a solid way to get more sales.

*By purchasing you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

For people and/or brands that haven’t found a solid direction on Instagram and are tired of testing strategies through trial and error.
The audit of your Instagram account in a professional way will help you increase the visibility and interaction from your followers organically, obtaining more Likes, Saves, Shares and Comments.


  • An exhaustive revision of your Instagram account’s biography, identifying good practices and opportunity areas with the suggested changes.
  • Audit of your Highlighted Stories.
  • Evaluation of your Content by formats with success and failure cases: Simple Posts, Carrousels, Reels, Videos and Stories. In all cases good practices and suggested changes will be analysed. Plus, inspiration from other accounts and successful Posts will be recommended.
  • Evaluation of your visual identity design, identifying opportunity areas, for it to become your digital showcase.
  • General conclusions.
  • Bonus 1: Idea Pack – 101 Content Ideas to Succeed on Instagram
  • Bonus 2: Idea Pack – 101 Reel Ideas for Purpose-Driven Brands


3 weeks after the client presents the answers to the required form we send, together with screenshots with the main statistics of your account by formats.


1. Once the purchase of the service is made, The Curious Beetle will send a form that needs to be filled in by the client for us to know more about his/her business, target, challenges, goals and results (Instagram statistics) of the main Posts by formats.

2. When the form with the answers and screenshots of the main Instagram statistics are received, if necessary, the client may be requested to clarify doubts by email or video call.

3. The Instagram Audit process will begin.

4. We will send an email with the Instagram Audit Report. It will be a PDF document with our specific recommendations for your business. We will try to be as clear as possible so you can apply the suggested changes, and in that way implement a winning strategy. In case of any doubts, the client can send us an email with questions and we will answer as soon as possible.


To audit your Instagram account we need the answers to the form we will send you. Together with the screenshots of the statistics of your most and least successful Posts by formats. We also need to know the target audience of your account and get the screenshots of the statistics of the actual target reached.


Can I have a complementary video call?
In case you wish to have a complementary, 1-hour, Zoom video call once you’ve already received the presentation, you can hire a meeting for an additional value of 150 USD. In that video call we can clarify all your doubts or give extra recommendations.
Can you issue an invoice for the purchase of the service?
Yes, you can download it from the email we will send you with the confirmation of your purchase.
Will you provide support while I’m implementing the suggested changes?
If you wish to validate your work in progress with us, you can hire a 1-hour Intensive Mentoring 1:1 Session. We would love to know about your progress and give you our feedback.
Can I hire a design service for my Posts?
In The Curious Beetle we also offer Graphic Design Services for Instagram. If you have got any doubts you can write to us at hello@thecuriousbeetle.com or click here for more information <a href="https://thecuriousbeetle.com/en/resourses/instagram-visual-identity/" target="_blank"><b>https://thecuriousbeetle.com/en/resourses/instagram-visual-identity/</b></a>
Can I request a strategy for Instagram?
This is a service we offer in The Curious Beetle. An Instagram Content Strategy will keep you organised, give you clarity for ideas to sprout and allow you to share valuable content without boring your audience. You will get a personalised strategy for your Instagram that will make planning your content quick and simple. https://thecuriousbeetle.com/en/resourses/instagram-content-strategy/



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