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How to create an effective brief for creating or improving a website?

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With this resource we donate 2% of our turnover to Haciendo Camino Foundation.


We understand how exciting it can be to create or improve a website for your business.
However, we often underestimate the importance of having a well-crafted brief before starting the design and development process.

A well-prepared brief can be the key to success for your web project, allowing you to save unnecessary costs and time due to poor communication.

Imagine being able to clearly and concisely express all your ideas and expectations about the functionality, interactivity, aesthetics, and navigation of your website.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to provide the person in charge of your web project with a detailed guide to capture everything you have in mind?

That’s precisely what an effective brief can do for you.

In this resource, we will teach you everything you need to know to create or improve an effective brief for your web project. You will learn how to organize and structure the necessary information so that you can meet the different phases of web design, thus reducing the need for corrections and modifications. In this way, you will be able to have your website ready in less time and, consequently, at lower costs.

Let’s get started!

Who is it for?

People who need to create a new website or improve an existing one, whether with or without an ecommerce platform, in any industry (products or services).
Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just looking to have an online presence, our template will guide you step by step on how to define exactly what you want and need, covering all the essential topics to ensure that nothing is left out.

With this template you’ll obtain:

  • A complete guide for the entire creative process from start to finish.
  • Time-saving by clearly identifying the most important aspects to consider.
  • Avoiding communication problems with the web developer by defining your goals and expectations regarding the functionality and aesthetics of the website.
  • Designing a highly effective website that converts your visitors into customers.
  • Ideas for making your website more interactive and attractive.
  • A model to follow with a concrete example of how to complete the template, thanks to the detailed brief example we created from The Curious Beetle to the web developer. This way, you can apply the concepts from our template to your own project.

What is the content of the Template?

  • A warm welcome, as we understand how challenging it can be to create or redesign a website for your business.
  • The benefits of having a well-designed, interactive, intuitive, functional, and secure website for your business.
  • The 10 key aspects to consider when creating an effective website.
  • A detailed explanation of the 7 necessary steps to leave nothing to chance.
  • The practical application of the template with the case of The Curious Beetle, so you can see how to complete it correctly and be inspired to create your own.
  • An empty template so you can create your own brief and start planning your website.

For each purchase you make to The Curious Beetle we donate meals to children in need in the North of Argentina.


Is this template useful for including ecommerce of products or services from any industry?
Yes, it provides ideas for all types of websites, with or without ecommerce, in any industry.
Does the template work for creating a website from scratch or for improving an existing website ?
Can I download the template?
Yes, you can download it as an editable PPT document.
Can I access the template from multiple devices?
Yes, it is designed to be readable from your mobile phone, PC, or tablet. However, we recommend using a PC.
Can I receive an invoice for the purchase of the template?
Yes, you can download the invoice from the email you receive to confirm your purchase.



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