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We know that your business is not only looking to subsist. If everything you’ve done up to now seems insufficient, and your brand is not becoming perceivable or memorable, it means you’re far from achieving your goal and being profitable.

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Brand Positioning is the place you occupy in your clients’ minds in relation to your competition. As a brand, you should be capable of building a concept to be recognized in an accurate and positive way, so as to differentiate from others in your industry. Building unique and desirable associations will make your brand stand out from the crowd and give reasons for your clients to buy from you.

An accurate Brand Positioning Strategy will allow you to attract the correct audience, build loyalty within your community and make them think of you when they make their purchasing decision.

You have to answer the question “What sets me apart from the rest?” and highlight your unique attributes to differentiate from your competition and position your brand in an effective way.

We’ll help you create an ethical, sustainable and positive-impact brand. We’ll develop a Brand Positioning Strategy for your business that focuses on your purpose for it to become relevant and attractive for loyal clients.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and small/medium businesses that are creating or growing a positive-impact business and wish to create a framework and a strategy to obtain optimal results for their brand, taking into account the triple-impact business model.
The Brand Positioning Strategy applies to brands that sell products and/or services, including personal brands, for every type of industry globally.

Creation of the Brand Positioning Strategy in the Brand Love Key Framework. The Brand Love Key is a statement on how your ideal clients should see you.
A PDF file with the full development of the Brand Love Key, created especially for your brand, will be handed in. To reinforce the description of the Brand Positioning Strategy, we will add complementary images that will help for a better comprehension.

  • Purpose & Positive Impact
    Your brand’s purpose is, essentially, the reason why your brand exists. Remember, purpose is about what you do, not what you say. You have to demonstrate what you say through action.
    Positive impact is the cause that your brand supports, following the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United States for 2030.
  • Consumer Needs
    The insight is the deep need of the consumer that we want to satisfy. Identifying correctly what the consumer is looking for will increase the sales of a brand.
    It is key to understand the worries, motivations, wishes, goals and aspirations of the consumers, as these are the things that will drive their actions.
  • Target
    A target audience is a wide group of potential clients for a brand or business. They are defined by demographic, geographic, behavioural and psychographic features, and are the group of people that have more chances of buying your products.
  • Values & Beliefs
    Values are the states that we give importance to. A value is something that occupies a prominent place in the hierarchy of our interests. We use them unconsciously in many cases to judge what is wrong or right.
    A belief is the feeling of certainty about the meaning of something. It is a personal affirmation that we consider true. Beliefs, which often are subconscious, affect the perception we have of ourselves, the others, things and situations that surround us.
  • Personality
    The personality of a brand stems from the keywords that best describe it as if it was a real person. Think about the way you want your target audience to perceive your brand, how do you want it to feel. Who is your brand as a person?
  • Benefits & Reasons to Believe
    Although knowing and understanding the benefits your brand offers seems like an intuitive exercise, it can be complicated for the fact that sometimes we talk about intangible benefits and not about the product or service for itself.
    Despite the benefits represent the functional, emotional and symbolic promises of a brand, the “reasons to believe” are the components that guarantee the consumers consider that promise as trustworthy.
  • Competitive Advantage
    It is what sets your brand apart from the rest. A solid competitive advantage helps you differentiate from your competition and emphasises the things that are important for your target audience. It is the most convincing reason for a consumer to choose your brand.

4 weeks after the client sends the complete form, up to the final presentation.

1. Questionnaire
After making your purchase, you must complete a brief questionnaire. We need to understand your business goals, marketing challenges and what you have done up till now in terms of brand positioning.
2 . Complete Questionnaire & Orientative Call
We will analyse your answers and, if necessary, we will communicate from The Curious Beetle to align our criteria and ensure the right comprehension of the information you have sent.
3. Presentation & Feedback
Once we have made our work, we will coordinate a video call of approximately 90 minutes to present you our recommendations for your Brand Positioning. At this stage, if necessary, we would like you to give us your feedback to make adjustments.
4. Final Presentation
We will present the final version in a PDF file by email.


Complete the Form you will receive once the payment is made and send it to The Curious Beetle. It includes:

  • Aspects linked to the background of your business
  • brand-positioning-strategy


Can I hire this Positioning service if I already have an active brand on the market? Or is it just for new, to-be-launched brands?
Yes, this service is valid both for brands in the set-up/launching phase as well as for those that already got their years on the market and want a re-positioning oriented to developing a purpose-driven brand.
What elements of my brand, for example: product, communication, price, etc. will I have to adjust once the Positioning is defined?
We recommend that, once the Brand Positioning work from The Curious Beetle is finished, you can analyse all the elements that compose your Brand Mix to ensure a comprehensive consistency. Each variable (Product/Service, Communication, Price, etc.) must reflect the desired positioning.
Can you provide support in the implementation phase of the Brand Positioning Strategy?
If you wish to validate your work in progress with us, you can hire our Mentoring Services, whether it’s a 1:1 Intensive Mentoring Session (1 hour) or the 1:1 Mentoring Programme (7 hours). We would love to know about your progress and give you our feedback. You can click here for more information: https://thecuriousbeetle.com/en/mentoring/
What services does The Curious Beetle offer that can help me in the Positioning implementation phase?
From The Curious Beetle we offer the following services for you to be able to implement your Positioning Strategy: Logo & Visual Identity Design Development Graphic Design for Instagram Instagram Analysis Content Strategy for Instagram For more information you can click here: <a href="https://thecuriousbeetle.com/en/services/" target="_blank"><b>https://thecuriousbeetle.com/servicios/</b></a> And in case you wish to create a new website, we can also help you!
Can you issue an invoice for the purchase of the service?
Yes, you can download it from the email we will send for the confirmation of your purchase.



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