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Creating a brand name isn’t a simple task. If you’re here, it’s very likely that you’ve already tried it for yourself and got frustrated for not getting it right. The ideation of your brand name involves many hours of work, a clear process and strategic thinking.
Your brand is the center of your business. It’s the way the world identifies it. Therefore, it’s important to have the right brand name from the very beginning. It’s a great challenge.
If you’re looking for a unique brand name that’s easy to pronounce, remember and identify; that’s related to the identity you want to give to your business and that attracts the right public, you’re in the correct place.
In The Curious Beetle we’ll take care of everything your brand name needs.

For entrepreneurs that are just starting and wish to create a brand that conquers its potential clients.
Also, for businesses that already got a brand name but are in a re-positioning stage, needing a new brand name.

Creation of the Brand Positioning Strategy in the Brand Love Key Framework. The Brand Love Key is a statement on how your ideal clients should see you.
A PDF file with the full development of the Brand Love Key, created especially for your brand, will be handed in. To reinforce the description of the Brand Positioning Strategy, we will add complementary images that will help for a better comprehension.

  • 20 original, attractive, easy-to-pronounce and easy-to-remember names
  • Brief explanation of the reasons why each of the names were chosen. It is to say, the associations taken into account to communicate certain characteristics of the brand.
  • Checking of the URL .com availability in the main country the business will operate. In general, it is the entrepreneur’s country of residence.
  • Checking of the Instagram availability.

3 weeks after the client sends the complete from up till the final presentation.

1. Once the purchase of the service is made, The Curious Beetle will send a form that needs to be filled up exhaustively by the client. Additionally, the 11 Brand Name Typologies will be attached for the client to select his/her 4 preferred ones.
2. After The Curious Beetle receives the form with the answers, if necessary, the client could be asked to clarify doubts by email or video call.
3. The creative process of the Brand Name ideation will begin. We will start with a brainstorming process in which we will create many name options, until we reach a list of 20 recommended names.
Each brand name includes a brief description, the confirmation of its URL .com availability in the brand’s priority country, and its Instagram availability.
4. Once the list with the 20 brand names is done, we will send the file with the proposals by email and receive your comments. If necessary, we will have a second and last extra round with another 20 brand names, for which it is important to count with a clear feedback from the client with his/her preferences.
5. Once the 2 brand name rounds have finished, the client should choose the winning name.

Complete the Form you will receive once the payment is made and send it to The Curious Beetle. It includes:

  • Aspects linked to the background of your business
  • Inspiration you would like to share with us to consider in the creative process.
  • Selection of the preferred Brand Name Typologies to consider in the creative process (A maximum of 5 typologies).
  • Definition of the language in which the work will be made (English, Spanish or another).


Does it include the brand’s registration/trademark?
No. In case the client wants to register his/her brand, we recommend he/she does it in the country where the business will primarily operate.
Do you carry out a linguistic feasibility check?
We can only advise on English and Spanish topics. Nevertheless, we always recommend the client makes the validation for his/her country, as there may be cultural aspects we are unaware of.
Does the service include the brand’s description of a claim/slogan?
No, we are not a communication or advertising agency. In The Curious Beetle we create names for businesses.
Once I’ve chosen the name for my brand, can you help me with the creation of my logo?
Yes, in case you need the creation of your brand’s logo and visual identity, you can get information here: <a href="https://thecuriousbeetle.com/recursos/logo-e-identidad-de-marca/" target="_blank"><b>https://thecuriousbeetle.com/recursos/logo-e-identidad-de-marca/</b></a>
What happens if I don’t like any of the 40 proposed names?
You could ask for a third additional round, but it will have an extra cost. On the other hand, you can try to define your brand name on your own. We have got an ebook that is a great practical guide in which we share the step-by-step of our process. https://thecuriousbeetle.com/en/resourses/how-to-name-your-purpose-driven-brand/



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