85 Ideas de LEAD MAGNET, tu imán para conseguir clientes



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Have you got an email database of your blog or newsletter subscribers, and you want to make it grow even more?

If you don’t offer any stimulus with a real benefit to capture the attention of your potential clients, the numbers of your email database will stay low. Today we´re sharing with you this pack with 85 LEAD MAGNET ideas, that works as a magnet that attracts gold, so you can get clients powering your subscriber base.

Why do we want their emails? To generate email marketing campaigns that can help you capture real potential clients.

These ideas and examples will inspire you to create your impact lead magnet and get many emails. To be sure you have chosen an idea that awakens the interest of your audience, make these questions to yourself: Does it benefit my clients? Will it make their lives easier or better? Does it work as a magnet that attracts gold?

We’ve organized them in 8 categories for you to choose the format that captivates your public the best. The benefits of each category contain a clarifying example. We added additional application ideas in each benefit to awaken your inspiration. And last, we’ll surprise you with a bonus to make your life easier.

For whom is this Lead Magnet Idea Pack?

Entrepreneurs or businesses that wish to implement winning ideas that capture the attention of their website’s visitors, and turn them into potential clients searching to solve their concerns. Businesses that want to anchor in the minds of their target audience, who will emotionally have a commitment with their brands.

With this template you’ll obtain benefit examples with:

– Lower prices
– Digital text tools
– Digital downloads
– Access to a community
– Data analysis
– Contribution of knowledge in video/audio
– Access to services
– Challenges to invite action

For each purchase you make to The Curious Beetle we donate meals to children in need in the North of Argentina.


Which payment methods do you accept?
You can pay with credit/debit card or PayPal
Can I download the Idea Pack?
Yes, you can download it as a PDF.
Can I access the Idea Pack from multiple devices?
Yes, the template is designed to be read from your cell phone, PC or tablet. Although we recommend you read it from your PC.
Can you issue an invoice for the purchase of the Idea Pack?
Yes, you can download it from the confirmation email you’ll receive with your purchase.



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