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84 ideas para incorporar la sustentabilidad en tu negocio

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The world is beset by challenges, with human activity being the primary driver. Globally, there are countless ventures underway or in the process of launching; however, the vast majority lack sustainability. If your goal is to become a change agent and make a positive impact, you’ve come to the right place.

This PACK aims to inspire and educate you to start incorporating sustainable practices, both social and environmental, into your business. It presents a wide range of initiatives that generate positive impact actions, applicable to companies of any sector and size.

We’ve organized the 84 ideas into 6 categories, which correspond to the fundamental impact areas of a company: governance, clients, suppliers, operations, employees, and community.

Each action is accompanied by a brief description, and in some cases, inspiring examples are provided from various parts of the world. The majority of these ideas share a common origin: they arose as responses to the issues affecting our planet, aiming to find solutions and opportunities to make a positive mark.

For whom is this Idea Pack?

Entrepreneurs or businesses that stand for sustainability from their conception and want to consolidate it. Or, if they already have an established business and want to take their first steps toward a more sustainable path, incorporating sustainability into their business as they journey towards triple impact.

By using this Ideas Pack, you will gain the ability to:

  • Inspirations for navigating a more sustainable path in your business, without sacrificing profitability.
  • Knowledge about global best practices in environmental and social sustainability to contribute to the global agenda of the 17 SDGs, which serve as the framework for the global agenda until 2030.
  • Motivation to encourage you to become a change agent by incorporating sustainable best practices into your company.

What is the content of the Ideas Pack?

  • An introduction highlighting the significance of integrating sustainability into businesses.
  • A brief explanation of the 6 areas of positive impact to be considered within the company: governance, clients, suppliers, operations, employees, and community.
  • 84 ideas for incorporating sustainability into the business (including a brief explanation for each, and in some cases, examples).

For each purchase you make to The Curious Beetle we donate meals to children in need in the North of Argentina.


Is this ideas pack valid for businesses in any industry?
Yes, these are ideas that can be applied in any industry, considering the social and/or environmental impact applied to the company's impact areas: governance, clients, suppliers, operations, employees, and community.
What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay with credit/debit card or PayPal.
Can I download the ideas pack?
Yes, you can download it as a PDF document.
Can I access the ideas pack from multiple devices?
Yes, it is designed to be read from your smartphone, PC, or tablet.
Can I receive an invoice for the purchase of the Ideas Pack?
Yes, you can download the invoice from the email you will receive to confirm your purchase.



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