101 Ideas para Humanizar tu marca



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Your audience is just a click away from pressing the button to connect with you.

But it’s your brand that will define if they feel comfortable, close, comprehended and identified enough to take that step. Or else, they’ll leave to your competitors.

For this reason, you have to define the personality of your brand with a style of its own.

The secret is in the words that best describe the character of your brand, as if your brand was a person.

When defining the personality of your brand, you can identify how your audience will see it, how it will understand the tone of voice, and how they’ll interact with you.

We created a 101 Idea Pack to get you straight into action.

  • They’re real examples that work for other brands that will help you create an emotional bond and get sales going.
  • Organized by 4 big categories.
  • Each category includes subcategories to give you a better idea of their use.
  • Each one of the 101 ideas leads to an explanation about what you awaken in your audience.
  • These are NOT examples to be directly copied, as you have to adapt them to the personality of your brand.

You’ll NOT only get 101 ideas to humanise your brand,

  • You’ll understand why it’s important to humanise brands.
  • The benefits of humanising your brand.
  • The most common mistakes you must avoid.
  • BONUS – Our TIPS to achieve a correct humanisation of your brand.

For whom is this Idea Pack to Humanise Your Brand?

Entrepreneurs or businesses that wish to implement winning ideas to connect with their audience creating close, friendly, coherent and transparent brands that really engage with the problems, concerns and worries of their customers.

Businesses that seek to humanise their brand, and that when their audience wants to solve a problem, they’ll be the first ones they think of.

With this Pack you’ll obtain examples to humanise your brand and gain:

Credibility, authority and trust, making your audience feel identified, comprehended and engaged in every step your brand takes.

For each purchase you make to The Curious Beetle you’re directly benefiting children in need from Argentina.


Which payment methods do you accept?
You can pay with credit / debit card or PayPal
Can I download the Idea Pack?
Yes, you can download it as a PDF.
Can I access the Idea Pack from multiple devices?
Yes, the template is designed to be read from your cell phone, PC or tablet. Although we recommend you do it from your PC.
Can you issue an invoice for the purchase of the Idea Pack?
Yes, you can download your invoice from the email you’ll receive to download the Idea Pack.



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