Get an exclusive place for your business in The Curious Beetle’s agenda

You’ll gain clarity, organization and direction.

With an entrepreneur mentor you’ll take with you a plan to achieve your dreams.

You created your project and a brand of your passion.
We help you power your business with marketing strategies for entrepreneurs to turn it into a successful business solving today’s problems (social and/or environmental).

With 20 years creating brands that succeed, we have the expertise to guide you in the decision-making of your business, training and giving you business coaching on entrepreneurship, getting you closer to practical and known tools that we have already tested with success on our own brand.

You’ll learn marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, practical and focused on your business, to power your brand.
Our 1:1 Mentoring Sessions for Entrepreneurs will concentrate on your purpose. You’ll avoid distractions and boost the best of you, making a business grow while protecting society and the planet.


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77 sessions, 7 hours of video calls with Alejandra


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¿What do our clients say about our Mentoring for Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs that have a positive impact in the world.

Gonzalo Barrio

Back to the Roots

The Mentoring with Alejandra was very helpful. It has given me a more holistic vision of my project, besides helping me identify some weaknesses for which she has given me many resources and suggestions to face them.
Una vez ponga todo en práctica volveré a hablar con ella seguro.
Thanks and see you soon!



In the journey of an entrepreneur, few things are more important than looking for the right travel companions and surrounding yourself with those people and organizations that make your project grow. For me, one of those organizations has undoubtedly been The Curious Beetle. Their mentoring programme adds a lot of value from the first minute and invites you to ask yourself the right questions in the right order. Ale has a lot of experience and it shows in each of the sessions, full of totally applicable proposals and ideas. Without a doubt, The Curious Beetle is part of the creation of Coloria . Thank you.

Ale and Juli were key to guide us in this process. Their experience, not only in traditional corporate marketing, but also in everything related to social media news, helped us to give a new face to the brand.

We recommend The Curious Beetle programme for any positive impact entrepreneur who wants to professionalize.



The mentoring programme with The Curious Beetle came at the right time to rethink the development of our brand SUKHA for the future. The pandemic gave us the necessary time to stop and think about the brand with the aim of making it more professional and clarifying the impact and purpose that motivated us.

Ale and Juli were key to guide us in this process. Their experience, not only in traditional corporate marketing, but also in everything related to social media news, helped us to give a new face to the brand.

We recommend The Curious Beetle programme for any positive impact entrepreneur who wants to professionalize.

Mariana Isasi

Fluyendo Bonito

Counting with this Mentoring space has been the best decision. It has been very enriching to receive their recommendations, their vision and exchange perspectives of how to design and implement the business in which I’m working. In fact, it would have been even better if I contacted them before, as the practical tools they give and their great experience really help you to broaden the view of your project and turn it into a sustainable and profitable business. Also, the human side and real interest they put into the space is very valuable. Thanks a lot!

Marc Mane

Barcelona – Espain

It has been a real pleasure being able to work with Alejandra in the creation of the foundations of my brand. Her advice has helped me see the weak points in my ideas, organize them correctly and what’s most important, to focus on what was truly important to create a solid base from which I can make my business grow.
Alejandra has helped me to give Bioms principles, values and a coherence that, without a doubt, have turned into the fundamental pillars of my brand.
It is always a pleasure to have somebody besides who offers a vision and a qualified experience. I’m sorry the sessions of the Programme ended, truly. 

Cecilia Conde

Pachuca, Mexico

I’m very happy with the Mentoring Programme I carried out with Alejandra. I’d been developing my business for some time, but I felt I was moving along without a firm step. Her proposal was very revealing, deep and fructiferous. I affirmed concepts, discovered ideas and defogged my confusions and uncertainties to strengthen my business. It was a big challenge for the pandemic times that we’re living in, but she gave me options for not stopping and encouraged me to continue.
I am enormously thankful for their passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. Everything they have created is really amazing. I wish they get many sustainable-brand entrepreneurs.

Rocio Flores

Gocta Natura Reserve

The support I needed at the right moment. Discovering The Curious Beetle was revealing because it made me conscious of the changes I needed to define our brand. Gocta Natura Reserve is an eco-boutique lodging in the middle of Peru’s forest. We’re committed to rebuild the forest that surrounds us. We serve our guests with a customized service, but how do we communicate the experience? We need to get to our potential customers with an effective message. In just one session I received a professional diagnosis and a solid guide to make decisions. We made it to the core: how to strengthen our brand, how to define our communication pillars and expand our positive impact. I feel like I just opened a new window.

Giovanni Sánchez

Florida – USA

I learned a lot during the session with Alejandra and left very happy with all the ideas and recommendations I received. Thanks to her knowledge I could clarify various doubts I had about my project.
Something I liked was seeing that before the session, she had investigated my brand and had already prepared good material so we could take maximum advantage of the time. Also, when finishing the session I received many files with relevant and worthy information to continue working for myself.
I’m sure that when continuing with my project, new subjects will keep on arising, and without a doubt, I will return to work with her to receive the support needed.

Andrea Lema

Suyana Zero Waste
Quito, Ecuador

My experience in the personal session with Alejandra was like psychological therapy for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.
After following Julieta’s Domestika courses, from which I took a lot of resources to improve and establish my brand Suyana Zero Waste, I still had questions about how to develop my communication, for my business to generate profits as well as change in society. For this reason, I took a personal consultancy. The session with these two geniuses was a game-changer in the way I see my brand now. They opened a horizon of possibilities, which I needed, and now I feel that my actions have a double purpose than before.

Jessica de Barco

Cali, Bogotá

In this moment of transition in my life and businesses, I approached The Curious Beetle for a one-hour Mentoring Session to obtain some advice and support about how to turn my little textile business into a global-reach brand. In just one hour of the Mentoring Session I covered many aspects, all relevant to my business. I received comments about what I had built up to now, very direct and constructive. In general, I felt it like a great “powerful hour”; I left with advice, strategies and invaluable inspiration and felt positive, thoughtful and centered in how to grow and lead my business in it’s next stage.

Lorena Ivel Mauro

Buenos Aires – Argentina

It’s been a while since I wanted to dedicate myself to work in enhancing the resources for pharmaceutical industries. During this year, I searched for advice and got to Alejandra and Julieta.
Quickly we made an Initiation Session and established goals. They were 7 sessions where I learned how to design my future business aligned to my purpose of powering the access to health and wellness.
During the 7 sessions we worked on goals, processes, segmentation and monetization (which I had no idea about). I acquired many tools that were helpful to design my consultancy just as I dreamed of.
Today I’m already in the design phase and could let go of the fear of starting my own business, to already put a start date in 2021.
7 sessions of a lot of work, very productive exchange, totally customized and humanized, and overall, very effective.
Thank you Ale for the precious time you’ve dedicated to me and all the learning you’ve given me.

Rita Terrero

Rita’s Soapery
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I loved the mentoring session! Ale is fabulous. I’m about to turn a hobby into a business, and she opened my eyes so that I could walk along the right way without turning. She patiently guided and educated me on how to make a map and have an achievable goal. I didn’t know where to start, and thanks to her I now know exactly which are the steps to follow. I’m very happy and much calmer, as I now have an organized project.

Thanks Ale!