We believe in a future where every business will be sustainable (social and/or environmental), or else, they’ll not be.

From The Curious Beetle we choose to transit a sustainable journey, to leave a positive footprint in the world.

“ The Sustainable Agenda of the United Nations is a rethinking of how we measure and think about development.”

In the wake of planet degradation, the 2030 Agenda approaches 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) defined by the United Nations in 2015 as the collective call to action of the world.


Our commitment to the 2030 Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

We discovered in the SDG’s and the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations a practical guide where we share all the worries of the world, and found in them the most effective way to materialize our initiatives like a compass in our journey.

We’re a marketing agency for entrepreneurs that promotes the development of sustainable businesses.

We know it’s not enough.

Our commitment is to encourage more change agents to join this
movement, prioritizing education for all.

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How do we impact on SDG’s?

End hunger. Achieve food security, improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

We’re convinced that everyone should have the same opportunity to thrive, and that food has a crucial importance for people’s development. Nutrition constitutes the basis for children’s capacity to live better lives.

We focus our efforts on children in need. To start, we chose Argentina, the country we were born in.


What is our impact?

We donate 2% of our turnover to
Foundation Haciendo Camino to help minimize
child malnutrition issues.

What do we give?

With each purchase, we offer meals (breakfast and snacks) for children within the Nutrition Programme of Haciendo Camino

We invite you to join our movement.

When you buy, we give! And you collaborate to feed children!

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Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

It is one of the most important tools, and the key to reach many of the other Goals. When people access quality education, they can escape the poverty cycle.

From our marketing specialists’ place, we search to empower entrepreneurs to make their businesses grow.

We generate actions to motivate more change agents that’ll adopt tools to start positive impact businesses.

We create resources and value content to educate in sustainability from our social media and website.

We help to generate more successful businesses with our online marketing courses and we back them up with our mentoring for entrepreneurs and strategic digital consultancy.

Revitalize the global partnership for Sustainable Development

A successful sustainable development program can only be achieved with world alliances between governments, the private sector and the civil society.

These inclusive alliances must be built over values and principles, a shared vision and joint goals, that position people and the planet at the center, and become fundamental to a local, regional, national and global level.

We work to build significant and lasting relationships, searching for opportunities to multiply our message to more entrepreneurs and students so they power their sustainable businesses.

Generamos alianzas claves para promover el desarrollo de proyectos sostenibles como consultoría estratégica digital con ITC (International Trade Centre, agencia conjunta de la Organización Mundial del Comercio y de las Naciones Unidas).

We’ve also partnered with Domestika, the biggest creative community of professionals, where online courses are imparted globally.

We spread the word as international speakers in businesses, universities, NGOs and other institutions, inspiring and promoting positive impact entrepreneurs. As the case of one of the world’s most relevant sustainability festivals, Premios Latinoamérica Verde, that each year awards and gives visibility to the 500 best social and environmental projects of Latin America.


It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, not how big or small your contribution is, while your business adds to a better world.

For us, real business success is not only measured by profits, but also from the size of the impact achieved.


Impact Report 2020/2021

Know our goal and the challenges that move us.
We share in numbers and actions how we’ve made it to create a better world.