the challenge:

The challenge: Child Hunger Worldwide, 200 million (29%) children under 5 years old suffer chronic and acute malnutrition – Unicef.org.uk.

Chronic malnutrition occurs when children do not obtain the food and nutrients they need. As they grow, it can cause stunted growth. Its consequences are irreversible, limiting children’s opportunities for their whole lives.

Giving children access to their meals, especially in a school environment, gives them more chances to continue and complete their education, allowing them to do something great with their lives, which encourages their communities to develop and prosper.


Acute malnutrition occurs when a child does not receive enough food and weighs very little for his or her stature. These children become very thin, a condition known as emaciation, a key indicator of poverty and inequality.


The World Food Programme of the United Nations onsiders hunger as one of the most solvable issues the world is facing today.

Hunger in Argentina

Hunger in Argentina 1 in 2 children suffer from hunger

Our commitment with
early childhood hunger in Argentina

Where are we collaborating?

Haciendo Camino has many Centres for the prevention of child and family malnutrition in the provinces of Santiago del Estero and Chaco, Argentina.

They also work giving assistance in neighbourhoods and rural places.

The consequences of malnutrition in children under 5 years old affects every aspect of a child’s life and reflects in his or her health (mental and physical), growth, intellectual and social skills and emotional development.

Therefore, the best plan is to start from the beginning; train the families, specially mothers and the community, with nutritional education, tools and an adequate nutrient supply to help fight hunger within their own communities. When this occurs, it generates a significant recovery, and even prevention, of the direct consequences that result from child malnutrition.

Integral programmes of nutritional, social and psycho-affective intervention in poor and underdeveloped conditions, prevent child morbidity and mortality, and also improve growth and development.

What do meals consist of?

In each meal (breakfast and/or snack) the nutritional quality is given by:

Mate cocido (green tea) with milk and a sweet pastry (pie, biscuits, cookies), rice pudding, yogurt with cereal, fruit milkshake and sweet cookies, gelatin with yogurt and chopped cookies, cornstarch with milk or catalan cream, hot chocolate with bread and jam.

Which is the cost of each meal donated to Haciendo Camino?

The average cost of each meal (breakfast and/or snack) defined by the NGO is USD 1,00. When you purchase one of our products or services, you’ll contribute directly to the Nutrition Plan of the NGO Haciendo Camino.

The power of your purchase

We all have the power to generate positive change in the world; today we invite you to join our movement as a change agent. Your choice has the power to make a true difference, and by choosing The Curious Beetle you can help us fight child hunger and give the best possible opportunity to children in need.

When you buy we give! And you collaborate to feed these children!

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