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Donation Policy

The Curious Beetle

The Curious Beetle assumes commitment to the global core problems evidenced by the Sustainable Development Goals and understands that it is possible to collaborate and support through concrete actions arising from its professional activities.

The purpose of this policy is to establish the scope, commitments, principles, and general guidelines for compliance and integrity of donations, to ensure proper control, receipt, and management of goods, services, and/or money allocated as donations and sponsorships.


This policy applies to The Curious Beetle, which is mandatory for the board of directors, and for any person who receives donations or sponsorship, from now onwards referred to as the beneficiaries.

  • The Curious Beetle is committed to donating 2% of its annual turnover to the Civil Association Haciendo Camino, which turns donations into meals (breakfasts and snacks) for the “Child Family Development Program” carried out by the OSC. The goal is to contribute to the actions carried out by the organization in search of the eradication of child malnutrition.
  • In addition, it undertakes the commitment to donate the equivalent of 5% of the time in pro-bono services, which materializes through training, mentoring or consulting sessions, given to organizations selected by the directors, or organizations that meet certain criteria of ethics and transparency according to the values of The Curious Beetle.


  • Donations with positive and provable impact.
  • Selecting ethical, legal and transparent institutions.
  • Act without political bias.
  • Verifiable accountability.
  • Objective of continuous improvement.
Guidelines and endorsements

Any donation, including money as volunteer hours, must have written ratification, either by agreement, or application and acceptance by email. It must also include at least the following items detailed below:

(i) Name of the individual or corporate name of the donor or sponsored, CUIT (or tax identification number of the institution according to the country where it resides), physical and electronic address, and a description of the activities carried out and some relevant background;

(ii) identification of the assets or bank account of the recipient of the donation or sponsorship;

(iii) amount and/or format in which the donation is to be made. In the case of goods and non-monetary contributions such as services or consulting work, the person requesting or accepting the donation or authorization, will receive an economic valuation that can be used as a reference for the approval processes, this means an estimated time and/or amount quantified by TCB in cases of pro-bono donations.

(iv) destination of goods, services or funds to be donated or delivered as a pro-bono or donation;

(v) expresses declaration and acceptance of this policy, and the rest of The Curious Beetle’s policies;

(vi) commitment to collaborate and deliver documentation when requested to be monitored, supervised and, if necessary, audit the due compliance with the provisions outlined in this policy;

(vii) compliance with the Evaluation Process, according to the standards developed by TCB prior to each money donation agreement, and updated prior to each renewal.

Relations with beneficiaries can be outlined in:
  • Agreements signed with beneficiaries on periodic renewal (generally renewed annually for the institutions we support continuously)
  • Specific requests issued by public, private and social entities without repetition or regularity in the same year.
  • Initiatives or proposals for donation, pro-bono or volunteering made by TCB.

Under no circumstances will be allowed:

(i) to make payments or contributions to political parties, or to a candidate or holder of public office position;

(ii) making donations or arranging sponsorships to institutions that have not answered the evaluation questionnaire according to the standards developed by TCB;

(iii) make donations or pro-bono actions if these cannot be properly documented and/or receive the necessary proof for accreditation and accountability.

Admission requirements for beneficiaries:
  1. Non-profitable private or social legal persons such as an NGO, civil associations or foundations, members of interest groups, must be properly constituted and registered with the competent authority. In addition, in Argentina, it is necessary to prove compliance with the policies for regulated entities in Unidad de Información Financiera.
  2. Representative members, and people involved in management and/or administration of the entity must report, if applicable, their status as politically exposed person and complete the SS for Conflict of Interest.
  3. No political affiliation is allowed.
  4. Institution must be properly registered in legal register of organizations corresponding to each country. In Argentina, it is necessary to present the Certificate of Exemption in the Income Tax (at least have the certificate in progress).
  5. Accept and fully comply with this TCB policy.
  6. Submit and perform the evaluations that TCB considers necessary, starting at replying and accrediting the requested documentation through the questionnaire designed for institutions.
  7. Communicate to TCB the realization of the donation, reporting its results and impact.
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