Development of an Attractive
and Responsible Brand


What is it?

In this course, you’ll learn to create a positioning strategy and a marketing plan to achieve success.

A good strategic plan guarantees to capture the market opportunities to power the growth of your business. That is why, in this course, Julieta will teach you to build, step by step, your purpose-driven brand to achieve success.

What does it include?

These are all the contents of the course


– Presentation
– Influences
– What are we going to do in this course


Creating Your Own Canvas
– Identify your personal purpose
– Find the opportunity for your business
Benchmarking to inspire you to create your business model

Creating Your Brand’s Positioning Strategy

– Define your brand’s purpose
– Recognize your client’s needs
– Define your target’s profile
– Decide which are your brand’s beliefs and values
– Establish the personality of your brand
– Create the benefits that your brand will offer
– Identify your competitive advantage

Marketing Plan

– Goals for your business
– Strategic pillars for brand growth
– How to organize your product portfolio
– How to manage the business dynamics
– How to organize your sales channels
– Your brand’s communication strategy

Final Advice

– Evaluating the success of your business
– Final advice to ensure the success of your brand

Development of an attractive and responsible brand

Who is the course aimed at?

To all kinds of creative and entrepreneurial people that want to show the world who they are and what they do, whether it’s developing a personal or business brand.


The main requirement is to want to create and make a brand grow, whether it’s personal or not. About materials, you’ll need paper, a pencil and a computer with Internet connection.


What am I buying?

You’re buying the access to the Domestika course “Development of an Attractive and Responsible Brand”.

In which languages can I purchase it?

The course consists of 22 videos where all the content is explained, and at the end of each unit you’ll find the additional downloadable resources..

Can I buy it now and make it later on?

The course is filmed in Spanish and subtitled in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Can I buy it now and make it later on?

The modality of the courses is 100% online, thus, once published, the course starts and ends whenever you want. You mark the rhythm of the course. You can go back to what interests you, skip what you already know, make questions, solve doubts, share your projects and much more.

Does the course apply to products and services?

Yes, this course is for any brand, whether it’s products as services

Which are the payment methods of the courses?

When you complete the course you’ll instantly receive your custom certificate handed over by DOMESTIKA. You can see all your certificates going to the Certificates section in your profile. You can download the certificates in PDF and share the link online.

Which are the payment methods of the courses?
Payment with credit/debit card

To sign up to Domestika courses you can make the payment with any credit or debit card, as long as it’s enabled to shop online in international stores.

To do so, you must select the Card payment method after adding the course or courses you want to buy to your shopping cart and complete the information requested.

Payment with PayPal

You can use your PayPal account to sign up for the courses. This platform does not require you to use a card, as you can also associate your bank account, and from there the transfer for the course’s amount will be made.

I have a problem with the purchase

If you’ve got drawbacks linked to Customer Support, write to hola@domestika.org so they can solve it.

I made a purchase and nothing has arrived

When you bought the course, you had to register your account in Domestika, whether it’s with “Sign up with Facebook” or entering an username and password.

You simply have to enter domestika.org and press “Enter” up to the right. Once you’ve clicked on it, or pressed “Log in with Facebook”, or entered your username and password you can access the course.

In case it doesn’t work, write to hola@domestika.org and they will solve it for you 🙂

For each purchase you make to The Curious Beetle we donate meals to children in need in Argentina.