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Code of Ethical Conduct

The Curious Beetle

Who are we
The Curious Beetle is a marketing agency driven by the idea that we all have the power to make a difference, which is why we help creating purpose-driven brands to develop sustainable businesses.

What we believe in
We believe in a future where all businesses can manage their social and environmental impact. The goal is to be profitable but also leave a positive footprint in the world.

What we want
We want to be part of the change we want to see in the world. Our purpose is to challenge businesses to turn into change agents, generating a positive impact —economic, social, and environmental.

What we do
We help people to grow their businesses by establishing the pillars of sustainability and providing training with digital marketing tools such as courses, resources, mentoring, talks and consulting services.

How we do it
  • We deliver on-line courses in Domestika and personalized 1:1 mentoring sessions. We create resources, as authors of e-books, templates, idea packs, and practical guides. We conduct talks and consulting services in strategic marketing.
  • Our clients are entrepreneurs, companies, or institutions from all over the world. We were born in 2019 and we have been looking forward to becoming digital and global ever since.
  • We create free content on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business) for our global community of entrepreneurs and to educate about business and sustainability from a digital approach.
  • We always contemplate our impact because we know that profitability is important, but it starts making sense when it is considered hand in hand with positive social and environmental impact.
  • We focus on three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations —SDG N°2 Zero Hunger, SDG N°4 Quality Education, and SDG N°17 Partnership for the goals— and we always contemplate and focus on creating businesses that are sustainable, responsible, and conscious of how our actions impact, so we can work on leaving a positive mark as agents of change.
  • We donate 2% of our turnover for each product and service we offer, to the Argentine NGO Haciendo Camino to provide meals (breakfast and snacks) for children in northern Argentina and thus help minimize the problems of child malnutrition.
  • We dedicate the equivalent of 5% of our time to teach and transmit knowledge to university students and people interested in entrepreneurship and NGOs.
Our ethical basis
  • We take deep care of the actions we develop with solid environmental and social commitment.
  • We support our customers on the task of undertaking new business with positive impact and thus becoming agents of transformation for the world.
  • We are committed to diversity when creating our work teams.
  • We believe in honesty, authenticity, and responsibility for what we say and how we act.
  • Truthfulness, coherence, and integrity with ourselves and with others.
  • Somos transparentes en la comunicación de nuestros compromisos, acciones y resultadosWe are transparent in communicating our commitments, actions and results.
Our commitments

Human Rights

The Curious Beetle supports the Declaration of Human Rights and repudiates any form and manifestation of abuse, suppression, and denial of them. We stand against child labor, forced labor, or slave labor.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

We are convinced that our work has the power to make a positive difference in the footprint we leave on our way, we know that there are global problems that need concrete contributions to walk a path toward solution. These are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on which we work on to make a difference:

  • SDG 2 Zero Hunger:For every sale of products or services, we offer meals (breakfast and snacks) for children within our Nutrition Program of Haciendo Camino.
  • SDG 4 Quality Education:Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education.
  • SDG 17 Partnership for the goalsOur main impact partnership with NGO Haciendo Camino, help us reach infants in need of quality nutrition. We have also sing into agreements with companies, NGOs, and universities which enable us giving free lectures and mentoring for entrepreneurs, NGOs and general public who wish to undertake projects with positive impact.

Data Privacy Policy

Customer and supplier information we receive is valuable, secure, and strictly private. We take care of the data carefully to guarantee privacy independently of the channel we receive them (web, social networks, mail, payment platform). Privacy policy can be consulted by following this link: https://thecuriousbeetle.com/politicas-de-privacidad/


People, diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to positive impact also embraces the ethical principles of inclusion and repudiates discrimination. In diversity there is learning, growth, opportunities, and different points of view.

This is why our premise is that each person is unique and valuable by themselves. We stand against discrimination in any form, and we practice a culture of understanding.


Our suppliers are strategic allies, thanks to them we differentiate and expand constantly.

There are mutual commitments that we assume and also request: Exercise of human rights and decent work, transparency in contractual terms, business ethics, compliance with payments, respect and responsibility for the commitments assumed, the duty of confidentiality, and fair competition.


Every client who chooses us, also reminds us who we are and what we work for.

Each customer is different and our products and services are requested for many different and particular reasons.

Our commitment to excellence is the same with every client and sustained over time.

We seek to improve and evolve. That is why we constantly ask for feedback about our performance, opinions on quality, and comments about the results obtained.

For this, we have structured different surveys. One survey is sent every six months and focuses on general aspects of the services and products. Another one is sent and we request our clients to complete before finishing the mentoring or consulting services. We also collect all opinions freely given to us on Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, The Curious Beetle website, and also the reviews from the students taking our courses on the Domestika platform.

We need that feedback to become better professionals every day.

  • Monetary donations made by TCB will be destined for organizations and causes that in no way incur conflicts of interest or suggest an economic return to TCB or any of its members.
  • The organizations we chose to allocate economic contributions will be those that can prove the relevance of their causes, their presence in the community, the positive impact they generate, the long-term work plan in the community, and the reliable destination of our contribution.
  • TCB understands that financial donations are made when contributing with a specific monetary sum as well as when allocating paid hours of its employees to the chosen cause. To register the amounts donated for this, it is calculated the equivalent in money of the hours of work contributed by its collaborators to the chosen causes.
  • TCB will evaluate the entities receiving the donations by their own standards to determine the relevance to participate in the donation program as well as to arbitrate its continuity in case they are already beneficiaries.
Environmental Policy
  • Comply with environmental legislation in every place where we are located.
  • Avoid causing negative impacts.
  • Engage in caring about resources and use energy and water responsibly.
  • Acquire information on good environmental care practices.
  • Disseminate strategies with our stakeholders.
Our contact information

We appreciate the reading of this Code of Ethical Conduct, which is a living and constantly improving document.

We invite anyone who has recommendations or suggestions, to write and share them with us.

We also encourage anyone with doubts for any reason, or complaints against The Curious Beetle or any responsible members of TBC, to report and let us take notice of the matter so we can address accordingly and as soon as possible.

Contact information:

Mail: hello@thecuriousbeetle.com

Contact form https://thecuriousbeetle.com/en/you-want-to-connect-with-the-curious-beetle/