Julieta and Alejandra

Friends, mutual admiration and complementary personalities.

With much in common, we had what we needed to start our own business: values, motivation, commitment and goals.

20 years of experience in marketing and multinational companies are our credit. We created marketing strategies from ideation to execution, where setbacks and failures were included in our learnings.

We’re Argentinians, and live in different hemispheres of the world, Alejandra in Buenos Aires and Julieta in London, our global thinking being one of our competitive advantages.


In 2018 we started the ideation of our own marketing agency for entrepreneurs. We’re born digital and help brands to start a more sustainable journey.

Our purpose is to challenge businesses to turn into change agents, generating a positive impact (economic + social + environmental).

With all our passion, energy and dreams,
The Curious Beetle was born.

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The Curious Beetle

We’ve already helped more than 100.000 entrepreneurs with marketing and digital communication techniques, with our resources, courses, custom mentoring and advisory.

We create content to educate in sustainability in our social media and website to start positive impact businesses.

Our marketing tools for entrepreneurs will guide you on the way out of every difficulty, because we created them conscientiously, based on our trajectory and on each step we make to escalate our own business.


The Curious Beetle?

Beetles have known how to evolve to adapt to their changing environment and thrive in new contexts.

The Curious Beetle embodies those entrepreneurs that challenge their comfort zone, in a globalized and digitalized world, reinventing themselves, to overcome adversity and achieve success.

Curiosity awakens imagination and innovation, the two key elements that help to find new answers for the challenges and problems we’re facing nowadays.

For all of these, we are The Curious Beetle.

Our team

We trust our team to achieve our dreams

Valeria Tello

Valeria Tello

Content Strategist

Paz Ayuso

Paz Ayuso

Design and Visual Communication

Belu Balestrini

Belu Balestrini

Community Manager

Verónica Presa

Verónica Presa

Domestika Forum Moderator