I’m a marketing specialist. I help entrepreneurs and businesses to create or reinvent their brands into positive impact.

Since I’ve become a mom of two children, my greatest challenge has been to reach a balance between my professional and personal development.

I’ve received an award granted to 16 women marketing executives from Argentina, “Women to Watch 2016”. A prize for my 20 years in the corporate world.
Nevertheless, one day I asked myself WHY was I working non-stop, and what did I really want for my life.

I asked myself, what is my purpose? And what is my contribution to the world?

When I discovered, between the many projects I had in charge, that B Corporations existed, and that they proposed a triple impact business model (economic + environmental + social), right there I decided to put my energy in sync with my purpose.

I stepped out of my comfort zone, and decided to co-fund my own positive impact business: The Curious Beetle.

Since 2018 I’ve been a B Leader, taking part in the B Corporation professional community of Argentina.

«We can all be change agents to power the transformations our world needs, so we’re able to leave a better planet for future generations.».

My Entrepreneur Tips
  • Know yourself
  • Focus on what you love, and put all your passion in it!
  • Create your own work team
  • Get ready for failure
My secrets for business success

1 -Organize yourself and dedicate time to plan your business strategy.

2- Learn to actively listen to consumers.

3- Adapt to change with flexibility. “Open mind, for a world of continuous change”.

4- Be brave and take the initiative. Dare to be a change agent!

5- Design your own brand with a global approach. Don’t limit yourself to your physical space.

A little bit about me

20 years in product marketing (FMCG in food and beverages). Multinational corporations where I developed and put forward strategies for local and global brands (Pernod Ricard, Kraft Foods and AB InBev).

I formed my own work teams becoming Marketing Director in the final 3 years of my corporate career.
Teacher in various institutions of Argentina, and since 2018, entrepreneur mentor in ENDEAVOR and B Leader.

The combination of executive and teacher, with a female and human leadership, allowed me to develop my skills and training to help entrepreneurs transit the way of positive impact businesses efficiently.

We built, with my closest friend, Julieta, The Curious Beetle.