How to find the purpose of your brand to be a force for good?

What will transcend your brand? There are multiple answers about where to direct your business. To be successful, to have a high profitability, to be scalable, to achieve public recognition, etc. Although all businesses seek profitability as a result, which is logical because that is why we create them, what

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6 Learnings from our first entrepreneurial year

“Find solutions to the world’s problems, putting the purpose of your brand at the heart of your business.” If you face this challenge and don’t know how to start, you’ve come to the right place. This is how The Curious Beetle was born. In mid-2019 we launched our brand, two

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We are
Alejandra & Julieta.

We mentor ethically-focused entrepreneurs, offer marketing consultancy to brands and help people find their purpose, live their values and make a positive impact. 

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