Business Strategy and Marketing Plan

We will give you the strategic framework to identify market opportunities that will guide actionable unique plans for your business’s needs to drive growth with triple impact (Economic, Social and Environmental) from the short to long term.

We’ll help you to develop a 3-year Business Strategy and annual Marketing Plan.

Who is this service for?

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and small/medium companies who are creating or growing a positive-impact business.

What key information will you take from our consultancy?

We will analyse your current business situation and needs and depending on the context and the challenges, we will develop a customised plan.

CANVAS to visualise your business idea:

  1. Personal Purpose or Vision/Mission.
  2. Business opportunity.
  3. Benchmark to inspire your business.
  4. Competitors analysis.
  5. Potential partnerships & collaborations.
  6. Business model idea and key milestones.

Brand Positioning Strategy considering the Brand Love Key framework:

1: Brand purpose and Impact.

2: Consumer insight.

3: Target audience.

4: Brand values & beliefs.

5: Brand personality.

6: Benefits & Reasons To Believe  

7: Unique selling point.


Plan for Business Growth:

3-year Business Strategy with strategic pillars of business growth:

  1. Conditions to win.
  2. Investments ($).
  3. Teamworks.

Annual Marketing Plan for the first year that will include:

  1. Objectives.
  2. Portfolio strategy (including new products/services with a focus on sustainable innovation).
  3. Commercial strategy: price and discounts strategy.
  4. Sales channels strategy.
  5. Communication strategy.
  6. Risk assessment.
  7. Metrics (KPI´s).

Time required

It will depend on the specific work you are looking for.


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Business Strategy and Marketing Plan