Brand Purpose Development

Brands with a purpose have gone mainstream, as they have proven to accelerate growth through combining business objectives with social impact.

We help organisations find their voice and give them something to stand for, which delivers a clear brand purpose, a competitive edge and increases their true value. This helps to positively impact the world and increase bottom line profit.

Your brand purpose goes beyond profit making, it is ‘why’ your brand exists. It should be ownable, actionable and make an impact, on both your consumers’ lives and the cause that your business is focused on. It is a guiding star on the horizon: it keeps you moving in the right direction and inspires positive change.

Who is this service for?

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and small/medium companies with the intention of creating or growing a positive-impact business.

What key information will you take from our consultancy?
  • Your brand purpose statement.
  • Help on how to use SDGs as a framework to guide your company’s sustainability efforts. Which SDGs should you be working towards in the future?
  • Brand examples addressing the same impact/cause as you.
  • Help on how to measure your company’s social and environmental performance / positive impact (inspirational examples).
  • Accreditations and Partnership (Examples of great NGO´s that you can collaborate with).
Time required
2 weeks

Basic questionnaire:
After your purchase has been placed, you will need to complete a short questionnaire. The goal of this is to understand your business ambitions, and where you are currently in the brand purpose journey. 

Understanding your business (questionnaire & call):
We will send you an email explaining the next steps which involve your direct input into this collaborative process, as your brand purpose must be also rooted in your personal purpose, and must align with your brand positioning. By working together, we will achieve a meaningful brand purpose that is relevant to you and your brand.

We will set up a video call with you where we will explain our process and how to respond to a longer questionnaire that we will send you, to help us understand your business and personal purpose in more depth.

Questionnaire complete from client and debrief session:
We will analyze your answers and coordinate another video call with you so we can better understand your business information.

Presentation & Feedback:
We will coordinate a new video call to present you with our brand purpose recommendation. At this stage, we would like you to provide feedback if you consider there is an area we need to rework.

Final presentation:
We will present the final version of the brand purpose strategy via a video call and send you the final PDF document via email.

With every purchase, we’ll provide breakfasts for children in need in Argentina.


Purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive. Companies that stand for something greater than their products/services typically deliver higher levels of commercial success, since they are more meaningful to their customers. Purpose has the power to be the core driver of growth and differentiation.

Co-creation is critical to help us understand the role that purpose plays in your organisation. It enables us to create exciting, but also realistic, recommendations for clients who desire to achieve businesses growth and a positive impact.  

You can’t make a brand purpose up, it comes from within an organization, and it’s a case of looking at the nexus of these 4 things through a strategic lens:
Your Personal purpose, your unique strength, your moral imperative, and the commercial engine by which you operate.

Yes, to request the invoice, please email hello@thecuriousbeetle.com with your purchase information.

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Brand Purpose Development

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