Brand Positioning Strategy

We’ll help you to create an ethical and sustainable brand, harness change, express meaning and create impact. We will develop a brand positioning strategy for your purpose-driven brand that is relevant, engaging and attracts loyal customers.

Brand positioning is the distinctive place your brand wishes to occupy in the mind of your customer. It encompasses the unique and desirable associations your consumer makes with your brand, that are different from your competitors. This perception of your brand gives a consumer reasons to buy your brand over another. It also assists in building a consistent brand experience for your consumers.

Who is this service for?

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and small/medium companies who are creating or growing a positive-impact business and want to create a framework and strategy in order to get optimum results for their brand, considering the triple impact business model.

What key information will you take from our consultancy?
  • A CANVAS to visualize your business idea: 1. Personal Purpose 2. Business opportunity 3. A benchmark to inspire your business 4. Potential partnerships & collaborations 5. Short, medium and long term objectives for your business 6. Business model idea and key milestones.
  • Brand Positioning Strategy considering the Brand Love Key framework: 1: Brand purpose and impact 2: Consumer insight 3: Target audience 4: Brand values & beliefs 5: Brand personality 6: Benefits & Reasons To Believe 7: Unique selling point.
  • Pillars of business growth.
  • How can you use your Positioning Strategy to bring brand to life?
Time required
3 weeks

Basic questionnaire:
After your purchase has been placed, you will need to complete a short questionnaire.  The goal of this is to understand your business ambitions, marketing challenges and what you have done so far in terms of brand positioning.

Understanding your business (questionnaire & call):
We will send you an email explaining the next steps which involve your direct input into this collaborative process, as your brand purpose must also be rooted in your personal purpose and must align with your brand positioning. By working together, we will achieve a meaningful brand purpose relevant to you and your brand.

Questionnaire complete from client and debrief session:
We will analyze your answers and coordinate another video call with you so we can better understand your business information.

Presentation & Feedback:
We will coordinate a new video call to present you with our brand purpose recommendation. At this stage, we would like you to provide feedback if you consider there is an area we need to rework.

Final presentation:
We will present the final version of the brand purpose strategy via a video call and send you the final PDF document via email.

With every purchase, we’ll provide breakfasts for children in need in Argentina.


A powerful brand positioning leads to better business practices and increased revenue. It also generates interest and attracts new customers, as well as strengthening a business’s overall marketing strategy.

If you would like to validate your work in progress with us, please coordinate a 60 minute video call mentoring session with us. We would love to hear what you have done so far and provide feedback.

Yes, to request the invoice, please email hello@thecuriousbeetle.com with your purchase information.

You can pay with credit / debit card or PayPal.

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Brand Positioning Strategy

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