6 Learnings from our first entrepreneurial year

“Find solutions to the world’s problems, putting the purpose of your brand at the heart of your business.” If you face this challenge and don’t know how to start, you’ve come to the right place. This is how The Curious Beetle was born.
In mid-2019 we launched our brand, two friends with a dream to create a triple-impact marketing consultancy. With great expectation and emotion, we built our community of curious and demanding entrepreneurs from all over the world. THANK YOU!
It’s always beneficial to reflect how agile we are, adapting to a changing world and market, identifying successes and failures. Do we enjoy what we do? Planning for the future is an exciting process full of hope, expectation and potential success. However, expect to be overwhelmed at some stage. At the beginning year, we were exhausted because launching our new project took more out of us than we anticipated. However, we absolutely loved the process and wouldn’t change it for the world!

What we have achieved

Services contributed
The 6 Enterprise keys
Key 1. Plan before undertaking
Entrepreneurship is not easy. To launch an attractive proposal to the market, although it does not have to be perfect, requires a lot of prior work. In our case we are two partners looking to balance what we like, what we don’t like, organise tasks where we feel stronger, weaker and constantly ask ourselves questions. It took us a year from the ideation to full implementation.
Planning requires time and effort to achieve concrete results, defining a set of strategies and action plans.
Key 2. Be agile to adapt to unforeseen events

Our clear vision was the result of meticulous planning. We took inspiration from a particular insect that adapts to their environments when unforeseen events arise, migrating to new areas to survive and prosper. That is why our name “The Curious Beetle” came about – to see beyond the obvious and constantly seek answers to help brands evolve.

This year we were taken by surprise by the e-learning platform Domestika, which gave us a global global audience and visibility to entrepreneurs around the world, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic. In our case, both factors demanded much more work than we anticipated and allowed us to grow our team in order to delegate daily tasks and focus on long-term strategy.

Once the website and eBooks in English were launched, we then created the Spanish language versions, something we hadn’t originally envisaged in our initial growth strategy. However, the adrenaline-fuelled process required us to dedicate many hundreds of hours – but the results were well worth it.
Key 3. Achieve global reach in the digital age

While digital has become the go-to communication platform, the Covid 19 pandemic gave it the push to make it the stand-out star among its media peers. The sudden projection forced many entrepreneurs to pivot to the myriad of platforms to recharge their sales growth. Social and digital channels open doors for all entrepreneurs, with the potential of a truly global audience with an appetite to consume content with time on their hands.

As The Curious Beetle is a digital-first consultancy, we were a step ahead of the rest and part of our responsibility with clients is to enhance digitisation in their business models.

In our initial business model we include a face-to-face segment, for example as speakers, business consultants and creating workshops. But as Covid-19 closed those doors, we made the decision to align our model to digital and capitalise on our global reach. Today, we are proud to have provided our advice to entrepreneurs and companies in more than 90 countries.
Key 4. Learn to delegate time

One of the main challenges of being an entrepreneur is delegating responsibility to others within the business. One of the greatest fears is worrying others will not give the same dedication or attention to detail, causing trust and anxiety issues. It’s a common problem and has plagued some of the biggest companies in the world when they were in start-up mode. But the key to success is building the right team around you, training them to undertake those responsibilities and allow you to focus on longer-term strategic objectives. You can’t do everything by yourself in a growing business!

At The Curious Beetle we rely on our support network to write and edit our blog and social media content, translate our English eBooks into Spanish and and optimising our website. It is essential to create a team of experts – without them we would not have succeeded.

Key 5. Create valuable content
Generating value content takes planning, consistency and strategy work. And the reason you shouldn’t downplay it is because content will attract potential customers. You’ll suffer if you leave your communication channels until the last minute. Choosing a topic at random according to the type of day you’ve had isn’t going to work.
For a brand you have to define a strategy to follow, including the objectives of brand positioning (image), the level of interaction you generate with your audience and associated sales. Instagram is our main communication platform and in 12 months, we have built a community of 30,000 followers. Our audience is a range of countries from across the globe, a variety of ages and companies with a common purpose, to be part of a movement of entrepreneurs who want to be agents for change.
Key 6. We must dream that a better world is possible

This is our motto and what motivates us to do what we do. Being agents for change is possible. Many of those who support sustainability believe that since their contribution will be tiny, it’s not worth the time and effort to change.

The important thing is to formalise your process. There are more and more people like us and consumers want to be part of the sustainable transformation.

At The Curious Beetle we advise you on how to convert your business to a brand with a positive social and environmental impact.

Today, more than ever, the world needs us to awaken our consciousness as agents for change. The Covid-19 pandemic forced us to stop and think about what kind of world we want to live and create for the future.

Are you ready to grow your business and your impact? If you need more clarity for your ideas and help in your business, you can count on us.

Alejandra & Julieta Marketing con propósito
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Alejandra & Julieta.

Damos asesoramiento de marketing a emprendedores y empresas que quieran crear o hacer evolucionar su marca hacia un modelo de triple impacto (económico, social y ambiental)

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By downloading this eBook, you are automatically subscribing to The Curious Beetle newsletter containing: our latest blog posts with tips, tools and trends, upcoming workshops and the latest sustainability news.